Why Choose Arpetec?

We suggest you remember our Website while you continue your research for your new Web Hosting company, as we are confident that Arpetec Networks will provide you with the best Value over all.

Also, remember that you can just try Arpetec Networks out for one month without any financial risk.

Even if you find another company you like, try us anyway (at the same time as you are trying the other company), as we will refund you 100% of your hosting fee* if you decide after one month that you like the another company better, no questions asked.

We believe you will be amazed by your custom Control Panel, the ease of use, and the quality of our service. And once you try Arpetec Networks, we're confident we'll build a long term relationship, you will be very impressed. If you don't try us (at no cost if you decide to cancel), you might never know how much your "Webmaster" life could have been easier with Arpetec Networks. :)

Web Presence at Economic Price ->

Arpetec Networks provides low-cost web hosting, but, we believe that "low-cost" should not mean "low quality" hosting. Arpetec's web hosting packages are loaded with same features found at high-cost companies, plus we believe that our service and value is even better than at any of our high-cost competitors. All of our packages come with plenty of storage, high bandwidth, unlimited pop3, ftp accounts, unlimited subdomains, exceptional live technical support, and much more.

Absolutely No Contracts ->

Contracts? No Way! None of our hosting services are covered by a forced long-term contract although all services are covered by our TOS, which are collectively our "Terms of Service". That's it! If you need a car, sign a contract. If you need hosting, don't.

30 Days Money back guarantee ->

f for any reason you are not 100% satisfied with our service or support, just cancel your account within thirty days of your order, and you will receive your entire hosting fee back, no questions asked. There is absolutely no risk in giving Arpetec Networks a try for 30 days. (Domain Registration charges, any Setup fees (if any), are non-refundable)

Price Freeze Guarantee ->

Arpetec Networks guarantees that we will never, ever increase pricing on our UNIX hosting plans. This price-freeze guarantee is in effect once you sign-up. The second you complete the sign-up process, you have successfully secured a price-lock on your account. This means regardless of what happens or how the market develops, you will ALWAYS pay the same fee for your hosting account. No price increases, no excuses.

24x7 Live Technical Support ->

We want to make our clients happy with their web hosting accounts at Arpetec Networks, that's why we provide Live technical support to all of our clients absolutely FREE. In addition to our Live Chat, you can also send us email for quick and precise answers, 24 hours/7 days or use our Ticket System. Our best advertising is word of mouth, and we know that best word of mouth advertising comes from happy clients, we'll make sure it stays that way.

Same Day Account Activation ->

Why wait days, or even weeks to get your website online? We don't know either! That is why Arpetec Networks's servers provide same day account activation. As soon as you fill out the order form and submit it, and we check your info, within a few minutes or hours you will receive an email Welcoming you to Arpetec Networks, with your ID and Password to start working on your website.

Highest reliability - upto 100% uptime guaranteed ->

Studies have shown that the most common reason for downtime is circuit failure on provider backbones, the major data highways. To guard against this potential problem, we have multiple providers. If one experiences problems, we can route traffic down the other one. We guarantee that your website will be up and running at least 99.9% of the time of any 12-month period. Please note that we have no influence on external issues such as Acts of God, Wars, third-party problems, etc and as such, these incidents are not covered by the uptime guarantee).

Easy to use Web Based Control Panel ->

All of our hosting plans come with our custom Control Panel. This browser-based control facility allows you to control every aspect of your hosting account. From creating and modifying email mailboxes, password protecting directories over to creating FTP accounts - you can manage everything that could be managed. Best of all, it is a *totally automated* solution. Don't wait for our response for a request - simply use your control panel and do-it-yourself, INSTANTLY. Click here to see a sample Control Panel.

Physical Quality Hosting - www.yourname.com ->

We do not provide cheap "virtual hosting" or "virtual server" solutions as many of our competitors do. Here you get FULL PHYSICAL HOSTING. What does this mean? This means that with this physical hosting account you will be able to host your very own domain name: www.yourname.com Explore the benefits of physical hosting! Your website will be reachable via both http://www.yourname.com as well as http://yourname.com. You will not have to carry our name in your website's address - your website address will ONLY show www.yourname.com. In addition to that you will get your very own FTP server at ftp.yourname.com and your very own mailserver for email services at mail.yourname.com (includes SMTP services).

One (1) free Domain Registration ->

You are allowed to register 1 domain name for no additional charge included on our 12month basis. You read correctly: There is no setup fee, no annual fee, no InterNIC, no nothing fee except the monthly subscription rate for the package. Once you have established your hosting account we will immediately register the free domain name for you (com/net/org). You can also order the package with your existing domain name and make use of the free domain registration later - anytime while you host with us.

No forced Advertisements ->

We will never - ever - put advertisements on your website. Unlike many free hosting companies or nickel-and-dimer deals, Arpetec Networks does NOT include advertisements and therefore your website will stay totally advertisement free. You can still put your own advertisements on your pages to earn revenue off of your website's traffic if you want, but Arpetec Networks will not deface your website by forced advertisements.

* this doesn't include the refund of domain registration fees if you choose to register a domain name.


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